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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 21, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a first dance caps off a day of pop and circumstances. we're live from washington d.c. as president obama sets his agenda for 4 more years. >> plus why everyone's talking about something called the carly. >> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken. >> we sent reporter christen
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aira and it was a star studied event tonight. we've heard the president side in his inauguration speech, jennifer hudson sang let's state together at 1 of 2 inaugural balls. >> today we experience the majesty of our democracy. >> he also danced with a staff sergeant. the first lady wore jason wu. the events were scaled back, but the celebration was not. the highlight of the day came hours earlier just before noon the president hut his hand on bible -- put his hand on bibles
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owned by martin luther king and abraham lincoln. >> he spoke about eclusion, cooperation, and hope. >> as he was leaving the capitol steps, the president paused to take in the spec spectacle. he said i'll never see this again. >> in case you're wondering the 3 words that he uttered, gay, making history today by mentioning gays. as we went on throughout washington d.c., we had an opportunity to meet with a class that came here from oakland, 46 students who had -- many of them
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who had never been out of oakland in their lives getting the opportunity to witness history in -- when obama was sworn in today. >> for any eighth grader, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. a trip to washington d.c. to see the president imagurated. >> kind of like a wright of passage. >> at this school, it was practically unheard of. 8 out of 10 students come from low income house holds. this 8th grade teacher said he students live on some of the roughest streets. she said it would be a game changer for the students. >> it would cost 1,$760 per student. she and the students would -- $1,760 per student. that looked like an incredible
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number that was to be achieved. >> they had 4 months to make it happen. they signed students and parents up to volunteer at the cal football games. there were candy sales, bake sales. >> we sold candy and asking for donations. >> at least a 2.5 gpa to go and a requirement that each student do 10 hours of community service. and when the cash was counted, we raised about $30,000, and squeezing my sis, i'm so excited. >> we have been invited to a photo shoot with barbara lee, just like an eye conto me. >> the center sees this strip -- icon to me. >> see sees this as a ripple effect to her students. >> it doesn't matter you're from oakland, you're a citizen of the world, and you can pick a
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place and be seen. >> an amazing teacher and an amazing group of kids, absolutely loved hanging out with them this inauguration weekend. 1 of the things most watched aside from all the politics, is also faction, and allize eyes eyes -- fashion. jason wu designed her beautiful 1 armed white dress we saw. we also saw her in the parade in a navy ks silk jacket. she also had a necklace by kathy
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watterman and probably the most talked about was her hair. they are calling this hair style the carly, kind of a choppy cut with -- banges. >> let me ask you. you're there and you're watching this unfold and it's the inauguration of a u.s. president. do you get caught up in the moment? do they feel like they're witnesses history and it's a huge deal? how does it feel? >> i know i felt that way. i think really what really wrapped it all up was watching the 2 of them have that 50 dance. and we've had -- first dance. we had that fabulous moment beyonce was singing. there was something wonderful about this. 1 thing we've heard is how much people personally, whatever their politics are, like president obama.
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he's just likability factor. >> another 4 years. thank you. switching gears to our stop top stories, we are your super bowl station. here's these folks doing their kaepernick move. she said 49ers fans are born in her family. and ryan here in san jose says he's a super fan who has front row season tickets since 1991. >> and we'll be showing more fan photos later on. keep them coming at now it's 1 thing to be a fan of the 49ers, it's quite another to afford a trip to the super bowl. still, it's nice to dream. >> here's on exactly what it would take to get there. >> reporter: first off you need
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the hall pass and then you've got to get days off from work, but most importantly, you need a boat load of cash. >> at the 49ers official team store in palo, alto, it's a question many fans have asked. >> are you going to the super bowl? >> no. >> are gug to give me tickets? -- are you going to give me tickets? >> the laws of supply and demand will be in you'll effect of the the cheapest seat is $2,000. air fair is about a thousand. halfway decent hotel will run you 500 a fight, and then the meals, car rental and suf -- suviniers. both are seriously thinking about going. for 2 people, that's close to
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$10,000. >> you're a student and you've got 10 grand sitting around? no, but i love this very much, and it's been 7 years and we're getting very close. >> in case you're wondering, $10,000 will buy you 263 nfc hats or 85 kaepernick jerseys, but a lot of jans told us today -- fans told us today, the next best thing, season ticket it is at the new stadium. >> and you know what they say, if you have to ask then you can't afford it. the most expensive ticket is $300,000. >> whoa! a dream ticket. thanks. it's a tale of 2 brothers in this upcoming super bowl. cbs 5 sports director takes a look. the first then a regular
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season game dominated by brother johns, 16 to 6. what you will find in the next 2 weeks is that jim is more colorful than john and neither wants talk about this at all. >> doesn't matter who the coach is, or what relationship you have with somebody on the opposite side, you're trying to beat them. >> we did that last year, okay, it was fine, it got old last year, right? >> no matter how it comes out, we can't change that. >> every moment that you're talking about, myself or john, you know, that's -- that's less time that the players are going to be talked about. >> we had a few dreams, a few fights. we had a few arguments, just like all brothers. we'll let the 2 teams duke it
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out. >> so how refluctant is the 49ers coach on this topic? -- reluntant on this topic? >> it's going to be a long couple of weeks. >> hello. i shouldn't say this but i walked into the news conference today but i stood there and said, he's not saying anything. it's almost you gotta watch it because you never know what he might say. it's compelling tv in a very odd sort of way. >> he's got some very good 1 liners. super bowl fever, he's a local hero. we'll take you to kaepernick's hometown of turlock.
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surl also changing. that's going to change. mind out when the -- surf is changing. we'll have more when we and back ,,,,,,,,
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it happened about 6-30 on seminary and bromley avenue poli . an uncover cop was shot in the arm tonight. it happened about 630 on seminary and bromly avenues. police have 1 guy in custody. the area is closed off as they look for 2 other suspects. the cop is expected to be okay. a spectacular fire burned for most the day at a northern california air force face in ub
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ashgs uba, county. crews battled flare-up it is for hours. >> it was clear the building was lost. >> our electrical shop, our structural shop was lost. >> a fire like this, what does it do to base operations. >> we have contingencies in place. >> normally about 2,000 people work here, but for the holidays, just 1 employee was inside when the fire started this afternoon. he got out okay but 1 firefighter was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries after something fell on his head. >> had it been a normal head, there would have been more people inside. i don't know that we would have any quicker response. >> as spokesman said the building dates back to the 40s and have undergone several
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renovations. >> what's most precious is preserved. >> there's vaults for special documents, so there's classified information that was protected. >> there will be miner impacts but operations will return to normal. >> we have some folks that have been in the building for 30 years and i'll have level moment tow things they've lost. >> urn usually strong windows have the -- unusually strong winds over the cliff house and beach where this man was stranded with only his surf board. >> daniel rosen said he calmed
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down after scrambling up the rocks. >> it was way out of my element. >> he was suffering with a you buddy -- surfing with a buddy. >> i didn't want to get eaten by a shark. >> that moment when you realize there's something stronger than you is no good. >> his friend made it and called for help. the heavy surf was a problem. the surfer had to jump into the water and paddle towards them. >> i was paddling out into the bay with the 5 department. they said you've got to keep going. this is now or never. that was definitely of the hardest. the waves were way too big.
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>> rescuers helped them paddle past the break. >> beginner surfers don't surf ocean beach. super bowl fever has a whole new meaning out in turlock. here's how people celebrating there, collin kaepernick. >> it's an under statement, chaos, a day after the big win, this bar still basking in the red and gold glow. >> everybody had number 7 on. it was nice. >> hometown hero, collin kaepernick's jersey hangs above the door, the spot he visited long before the win. the bar expects more than 300 people to gather and watch kaepernick in the super bowl. >> the whole city's into our boy. >> the kaepernick craze has
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kicked into high gear. >> go collin. >> i actually met him once when he was in seventh grade. >> i'll be wearing my jersey. >> the number 7 jersey sold out before christmas. here 49ers gear sells out 50 percent from last year -- sales up 50 percent from last year. >> as long as it's official merchandise from the nfl, then we can put collins name and number on it. >> cbs 5. team coverage from new orle. . >> and of course cbs 5 is your super bowl station. we will have live team -- get it -- team coverage from new orleans with reports from sports record, glynis o'donnell. >> and bay area still celebrating from sunday's big win.
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it was a great day to be outside. nice and warm. >> as soon as the game ended, it was gorgeous. it will be gorgeous for 1 more day. >> the rain is coming back by the middle of this week. outside tonight, another clear night. we do have some high cirrous clouds moving in. liver more, 40. i don't think we're going to get to freezing but it will be chilly, especially in our inland valleys, san francisco 52. >> what the heck is next to the moon? let me show you. just to the left can you see it? i'm not sure. i saw it outside tonight. that would be jupiter from our perspective making its closest pass to the moon between now and 2026. >> jupiter hanging out with the
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moon tonight. 37, redwood city, pass week and a half, nights have been cold but afternoons have been mild. we'll do it again tomorrow. cbs 5 doppler dry for now, but there is a building storm off to the west. not going to be heavy rainfall. we've had very for the month and 0 over the past 10 days. >> tomorrow, the warm before the storm. this high pressure moves out. tomorrow likely will be the mildest day for you. many into the mid to upper 60s. the pattern is changing. high pressure gone by wednesday. here comes a weak front coming through. showers back by wednesday. some could see quarter inch to half an inch. >> overall pattern is changing. look at the highs tomorrow, pa
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pshgs ashgs papalo, alto, mill valley, san francisco, 63. extended forecast, we've got some scattered showers on wednesday, dry it out for a couple days, thursday, friday, saturday, and showers return on sunday and monday. a little bit wetter, not soggy, but we are trending back to what is normal for winter. >> sounds good. so how big of a 49ers fan are you? cbs 5 viewers show off more of their niners pride when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is rylee and emme from . all right. how big a 49ers fan are you? a bunch of you have been sending photos. here you go. this is riley and emmy from santa rosa, having a little bit party with their grandparents. >> there's 90-year-old rows baba.
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she's? san francisco in 1952, has been a niners season ticket holder for 30 years. >> even dogs getting into the spirit. this puppy is all ready for the big game. >> and this is a family affair, all decked out in red and gold. so, you think you can do better? you think you can do better? you're a bigger 49er 17? send your photos to your news at -- you're a bigger fan. please include your home down. we'll be sharing some of them every night. when we come back. kaepernick continues to be unphased by what's happening. you'll hear from him next.
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unfazed by what's happening. you'll hear from him next. the pressure of the he prepares the reer, he is o . pressure, what pressure for kaepernick as he prepares for the 10th start of his nfl career. he is 1 win away from bringing the sixth super bowl title to the franchise. >> kaepernick is the man. very bright future. very bright future. >> okay kaepernick, was brilliant yesterday he only rushed twice for 21 yards. he did not run the football and that in turn let davis be hope. even if you shut down his running lane, he will beat you with his arm. as for jim harbaugh, he's beginning to have a few dreams about his quarterback,
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kaepernick. just the way he runs, the gracefulness of his stride, the ground that he covers, it reminds me of me when i run. >> and then i wake up. >> we'll see you at 11. there you go. . ,,,, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.


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